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Our Story

The First Known Recipe

The first known recipe of Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cakes) originates from Transylvania, Romania/Hungary included in the 1784 cookbook of Countess Mária Mikes of Zabola. It makes no mention, however, of sweetening of any kind in the preparation. A recipe from the cookbook written by Kristóf Simai in 1795 in Upper Hungary (present-day Slovakia) first mentioned “sweetening subsequent to baking”, the cake surface is covered with sugar before baking and then covered in chopped nuts (e.g. walnut, almond …) coconut, cinnamon and many other flavors as the cake evolved.

By the end of the 18th century

By the end of the 18th century, kürtőskalács (Chimeny Cakes) had become popular in all Hungarian and Romanian speaking regions as a defining element of both urban and rustic cuisine. In the first volume of A Székelyföld leírása (Description of the Szeklerland) from 1868, Balázs Orbán writes about the genesis legend of Udvarhelyszék, which holds that the Szeklers, chased into caves and later blockaded by the Tatars, eventually made the enemy leave by presenting them a huge kürtőskalács made of straw which they held out of the cave to show they had supplies to endure the siege. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the recipe of the cake was recorded in numerous popular cookbooks.

Our Personal Story

Ever since I got to know me, always been an adventurer, always wanted to be an entrepreneur, to work for myself. I have that spirit of keep trying, never give up, dream big, follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life type. My guests feedback and appreciation, my vision, mindset, and drive are what keeps me going, others have done it and I know deep in my soul that it’s possible for me too.

I moved to the US in 2014 with my wife Ekaterina and my precious daughter Eva to start a NEW life, take advantage of new great opportunities. We found ourselves with a blank canvas in front of us and we are here to make an impact for us and others – we can create anything we want to, we said!

I came with this idea in mind, I knew that I will make this a reality, was just a matter of time and me taking action. As a child, I grew up in the countryside and almost every time we went to the mountains I was getting one of the walnut chimney cake and quickly became one of my favorite desserts.

When we arrived in Houston, it took time to accommodate and then the idea was put aside for a while, to follow and climb America corporate ladder. Well, was not very long until I realized that again, I am not made to work for somebody else all my life and if I truly want to make a difference in my family’s legacy and others around me I must stop playing small and start living my life to my true potential.

Late 2017 was when I got serious about opening my chimney cake business and started to research where can I buy the equipment, ingredients, tools and what would cost me. The next step was to educate me in the art of making the dough, rolling them on the roll pin, learning the receipts and create new ones.

And around 1 year later, in November 2018 is when Dracula’s Chimney Cakes was founded after thorough planing and practicing the 300-year-old tradition until we perfected the ultimate quality in order to deliver an absolutely delicious and unique product where our guests can actually taste the DIFFERENCE.

We are baking these cakes fresh to order every time, nothing tastes better than a fresh baked good that you can enjoy at the moment. We put love and passion in everything we do in order to deliver our guests an authentic piece of Romanian/Hungarian culture.

Here at Dracula’s Chimney Cakes as mentioned, we put love & passion in everything we do and we are looking forward to sharing this historical baked Transylvanian delicious cakes with all y’all.

Almost a year later we get close to 1000 followers on Facebook and we are making an impact in our community by being part of the local farmer’s markets in the Woodlands and in Tomball, collaborating with local coffee shops like Momentum Coffee in Spring, partnering with Grand Oaks High School in Spring as well as partnering with Relay For Life to help to make an impact for people dealing with cancer and this is just the beginning of what we will do in the future to come.

Not having a location yet doesn’t stop us. We always look for what else can we do, got to be a better way to expand. Recently we purchased. a food trailer that’s ready to go and we will find a food trailer park to put it in and keep that for a while to save money and find an investor if needed to open a location a year from today.

We appreciate all the friends, coworkers, acquaintances that helped us at the beginning and many thanks to all who came to support our local small business that’s about to become a nationwide phenomenon.

We want to you to be part of this movement.

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